New Equipment

Erdvark Reversible On Land Disc Plough RDPH-6


The Erdvark Reversible Disc Plough is an On Land model and is a Deep ploughing implement. It is suitable for breaking new land, Mixing alluvial soil, bring carbon in coarse soil up that have washed down, Turn and mix non-wettable soil around for better water absorption. The three-point RDPH plough is available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 discs. (Type RDPH into the search button and go to the disc main page)

Ridger with Bed Former for Orchards.

Ridger – Reversible Disc with Bed Former – DOSC

The Erdvark Ridger / Reversible Disc with Bed Former is a multi-purpose implement that can build ridges inwards and outwards. The Bed Former can only form a bed to the inward position. The implement is ideal for building ridges at a lower cost than construction equipment. The ridges are ideal for Citrus, Avocados, Nut trees, Fruit trees and any product that needs to be planted in a higher raised bed. The Implement has littery hundreds of different setting to make [...]

Laser grader and scraper trailed - TBP


Erdvark is running currently at a fast pace with new developments. This 7m Leveling Grader/Scraper/Planer is a masterpiece of Engineering. This PATENTED Grader/Scraper/Planer is totally unique with its folding mechanism. This unit can fold up from just over 7m to 2.6m wide and 11.2m long to just 6.8m. This made it easy to move from one working area to next working area without special permits. The Mouldboard is 1.2m high and can move 11.5kub/m of soil at speeds up [...]

Deep Ripper Hydraulic Reset Trailed - HRRT


Erdvark Engineering is running currently at a fast pace with new developments. This 9 tooth trailed ripper are specially developed for the Tanzanian market. The unit was developed to fit in a 6 meter container. Only the drawbar, wheels and back tooth had to be removed to get the main frame into the container. This is the Trailed version of our 3-Point Hydraulic Reset ripper. The web page will be soon available under the Tine Implement section.

Ridger for nuts and fruit trees.


Erdvark add the RIG400 Ridger to its Disc Implements. The Ridger is ideal for the build of ridges for the planting of Macadamias, Citrus and any other fruit trees that needs to be planted on ridges. No need of expensive construction equipment to build the ridges. Available in models from 5,5 m to 8,2 m. If you need a smaller unit for tomatoes, papayas and other vegetables, the Erdvark 3 Point Reversible Disc Plough is ideal.