Rolling Blade Cutters

  • Straight Blade Cutter (Rolmoer) – SRM

    The Erdvark Straight Blade Cutter (Rolmoer) is designed for chopping maize & sunflower stalks. The Straight Blade Cutter can also be used for field preparation, weed control and to make secondary operations very easy by chopping maize stalks and left over material. The Rolling Cutter is a Heavy Duty implement with special bearings & hubs for maintenance free operation.

  • Bush Buster & Pasture Aerator – BBD

    The Erdvark Bush Buster is ideal for land clearing and debushing. The graduating spiral configuration of the Erdvark Bush Buster will give a No-till operation with soil aeration and  loosening of pastures. The Erdvark Bush Buster is a must for brush management on cattle and game farms and relieve of soil compaction. Using the Erdvark Bush Buster will increase water retention and reduce run off water. Available in single roller for soil aeration & loosening and twin rollers for Bush Busting and aeration.

  • Pasture Aerator – BBS

    The Erdvark Pasture Aerator is a rolling blade type. The blades are mounted on a graduating spiral around a heavy duty drum. These blades are mounted parallel with the rolling action of the drum and cracked the soil open up to twice the blade length. That will break down natural density, animal compaction, mechanical compaction and compaction associated with heavy rains causing silt layers.
    The Pasture Aerator will leave slots for oxygen and water to penetrate deep into the soil. That will stimulate root growth and the grass will have access to more nutrients and oxygen increase plant growth with a higher yield of quality hay.