• Hammer Mill for Grain – HAM

    The Erdvark Hammer Mill is ideal for making animal feed with its dust free operation. All models is direct propulsion with minimal running cost. Available in Electrical and Diesel options.

  • Spike Harrow Trailed & 3-Point – EG

    The Spike Harrow range is available in the 25 kg with 16 mm spikes, 45 kg with 20 mm spikes and 64 kg with 50 x 10 mm double sided spikes. There is a trailed Toolbar or 3-point hitch Toolbar available for the spike harrows.

  • Trench & Ridging Plough – DVP220

    Three point mouldboard type Trench Plough. The Trench Plough is ideal for making trenches to prevent wind erosion. The Trench Plough can be used to make water trenches.

  • Tyrfil For Solid Tyres – TF

    Tyrfil eliminates flat tires permanently. Tyrfil is absolutely suitable for use in Agricultural, Construction, Mining, Municipalities and Waste handling. No nails, sharp steel objects, glass, rocks and sticks can puncture or damage the Tyrfil treated tires. That means less down time and less maintenance cost.

  • Export Container Loading by Erdvark – CL


    Erdvark Engineering developed a container loading system due to the bulk and heavy equipment that the company are exporting into Sub Sahara African Countries. It was difficult to get the bulk and heavy equipment into the containers within the time that is allowed to load the container. Open Top containers are more expensive and seldom available.

    The Erdvark Engineers had to develop a loading system. This system must be able to load a 29 ton load with small forklifts into a 12 meter container within the time limit that the container shipping companies give you to load.

    The Erdvark Engineers developed a special steel pallet that is lifted by 2 special 13 meter long hydraulic single pallet jacks. This system allows Erdvark to pre-pack the pallet to the size of the door and length of the container. When the container arrives the pallet jacks lift the pallet and the forklift pushes the pallet into the container. The 2 pallet jacks are lowered and pulled out of the container. Once the container reaches the destination, chains or cables are attached to the pallet and pulled out of the container where ever you are.

    (See Video & Photos)

  • Mouldboard Bed Ridger 3-Point – MR

    The Erdvark Mouldboard Bed Ridger have a very sturdy mainframe and mouldboard hangers. The mouldboard is manufactured of replaceable parts. The tip is unique in the sense that it is a knock-on ripper point that is specially manufactured from special material and it is infused with Tungsten Carbide granules welded on with a special wire compound. The ripper point breaks the soil slightly ahead of the shears and mouldboard.
    The implement is available in in various rows. The Erdvark Mouldboard Bed Ridger is suitable to make bed ridging for various single row plants.