Grader 3 Point 2.02m 300kg – G2

Grader 3 Point 2.02m 300kg – G2

Grader 3-Point – G2BGrader 3-Point – G2B
Grader 3-Point – G2BGrader 3-Point – G2B

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The Erdvark G2 three point hitch grader is ideal for maintenance of farm roads, leveling irrigation fields and ideal for manure grading and pushing manure together. The blade can rotate 180° for backwards pushing.

  1. The Erdvark G2 Grader has a blade width of 2.02 m.
  2. The G2 Grader cutting angles can be set 360º with 3º increments.
  3. The Erdvark Grader mouldboard height is 500 mm with welded support where needed.
  4. The blade size is 200 mm high, consist of different lengths and can be replaced.
  5. Transport length of the G2 Grader is 900 mm.
  6. A nominated kW of 25 to 35 is needed to pull the Grader.
  7. Skid pads are available as an additional option.
  8. A back wheel is also available as an additional option with 175/65R14 tyre .
Model No Description Mass (kg) Working Width (m) Average Tractor Req. (kW) Tyres
G2 A Standard Grader 300 2.02 25 – 35 None
G2 B With Skid pads 310 2.02 25 – 35 None
G2 C With Back Wheel 350 2.02 25 – 35 175/65R14

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