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  • Trench & Ridging Plough – DVP220

    Three point mouldboard type Trench Plough. The Trench Plough is ideal for making trenches to prevent wind erosion. The Trench Plough can be used to make water trenches.

  • Post Driver 3-Point Hydraulic – PD

    The 3-Point Erdvark Post Driver is hydraulic operated with a 230 kg hammer dolly.  The Post Driver with its hydraulic tilt action give the tower a 100% upright position against slopes. Available in a 2 m or 3 m model and can be fitted with a side shift to work left, right or behind the tractor.

  • Tyrfil For Solid Tyres – TF

    Tyrfil eliminates flat tires permanently. Tyrfil is absolutely suitable for use in Agricultural, Construction, Mining, Municipalities and Waste handling. No nails, sharp steel objects, glass, rocks and sticks can puncture or damage the Tyrfil treated tires. That means less down time and less maintenance cost.

  • Erdvark Offset Disc Bearings – DB

    Erdvark Engineering are on the forefront of Disc Bearing development. Erdvark developed each component and manufacture the component our self to the highest specifications. We use a taper roller bearing and Duo-Cone seals. The bearing is developed that no dust or dirt will enter the sealed unit under normal working conditions. The bearing need no lubrication or daily service. The Bearing units are assembled in our factory with a special high quality lubricant and the correct volume of lubricant to prevent over lubrication and cause leaking. The Bearings are assembled with special tools and pressed together.

  • Offset Disc Extreme Duty Trailed 32″ – BKSH14

    The Erdvark BKSH14 Extreme Duty Offset Disc for first cut land clearing, to uplift soil, cut roots and cut left over vegetation. This Trailed Offset is fitted with 32″ (810 mm) discs. The BKSH14 cutting depth is up to 280 mm to 300 mm and this robust Offset can handle stumps and rocky conditions. The BKSH14 Disc Harrow is fitted with additional Erdvark heavy duty maintenance bearings with high tensile disc axle of 55 mm in diameter to handle all tuff conditions.

  • Offset Disc Extreme Duty Hinge Type 32″ – HKSH14

    The Erdvark HKSH14 Extreme Duty Hinge type Offset Disc is ideal for land clearing, to uplift soil, cut roots and cut left over vegetation. The robust Offset Disc can cut up to a depth of 280 mm to 300 mm and can handle stumps and rocky conditions and is also ideal for working with crawlers. The HKSH14 are fitted with additional extra heavy duty maintenance free Erdvark bearings with high tensile disc axle of 55 mm diameter with 32″ (812 mm) notched discs and 14″ (356 mm) disc spacing.

  • Export Container Loading by Erdvark – CL


    Erdvark Engineering developed a container loading system due to the bulk and heavy equipment that the company are exporting into Sub Sahara African Countries. It was difficult to get the bulk and heavy equipment into the containers within the time that is allowed to load the container. Open Top containers are more expensive and seldom available.

    The Erdvark Engineers had to develop a loading system. This system must be able to load a 29 ton load with small forklifts into a 12 meter container within the time limit that the container shipping companies give you to load.

    The Erdvark Engineers developed a special steel pallet that is lifted by 2 special 13 meter long hydraulic single pallet jacks. This system allows Erdvark to pre-pack the pallet to the size of the door and length of the container. When the container arrives the pallet jacks lift the pallet and the forklift pushes the pallet into the container. The 2 pallet jacks are lowered and pulled out of the container. Once the container reaches the destination, chains or cables are attached to the pallet and pulled out of the container where ever you are.

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  • Ripper Deep Hydraulic Reset Trailed – HRRT

    The Trailed Heavy Duty Erdvark Hydraulic Reset Ripper can handle tuff conditions from 20kN to 40kN. The robust Erdvark shank construction and hydraulic reset system plus the additional stretch bolt safety design, can handle all tuff and difficult ripping conditions. The working depth of the Erdvark HRRT Hydraulic Reset Ripper is from 650 mm, 850 mm and 1050 mm. The shank is manufactured out of 30mm hard-wearing steel and is fitted with a special hard wearing tip with additional tungsten carbide infused onto the tip. The shank is also fitted with a shin wear plate to protect the shank from wearing. A special shank is available to fit adjustable wings for excellent aeration and loosening of compact layers.

  • Laser Leveling Grader Scraper Turn Blade – TBP

    The Turn Blade Finishing Grader/Scraper/Planer have a unique and patented design that can fold up from 7m wide to 2.6m. The draw-bar folds back, and the right-hand tandem swing arm folds in behind the Grader to give you a total length of 6.8m.  You can also swing the drawbar anticlockwise and you can pull the unit on farm roads and through farm gates. The cutting blade with mouldboard can tilt forward or backward to your specific requirements. This Scraper/Planer is also called a Pull Dozer.

    The cutting blade angle can adjust to 5° with two independent hydraulic cylinders on each side. The blade angle can also be set by swiveling the drawbar anticlockwise or clockwise for different cutting angles. The Grader/Scraper/Planer has a GPS/Laser bracket fitted left and right on top of the blade. This Grader/Scraper is suitable for Agricultural and Industrial applications.

  • Root Rake for Dozers and Front End Loaders – RR

    The Erdvark Root Rake is mounted in front of a Dozer blade or Front End Loader by welding the supplied brackets to the blade or bucket. The Root Rake hangs loose and cleans itself by moving backwards. Erdvark will manufacture the Root Rake to your Dozer blade or Front End Loader dimensions and shape. The Root Rake can work 450mm  mm deep and will rip up all roots, brush, small stumps, and loose plant material. You can push this material onto a heap or work it into a row. This is the most effective piece of equipment for land clearing.

  • Grader Finishing Heavy Duty – FG

    The Erdvark FG Finishing Grader is for Heavy Duty land planing, leveling and finishing of irrigation fields. This is a dual purpose Grader that can also do road maintenance and building. The Erdvark FG Finishing Grader is available in blade width of 3.1 m to 6 m and the tractor requirement is 65 kW to 199 kW. The Finishing Grader can be supplied with Tandem Wheels for more stability. The Finishing grader can also be supplied with a solenoid valve to make it Laser Ready and a further hydraulic switch between Laser and Road Grader.