Ridger – Reversible Disc with Bed Former – DOSC

Ridger with Bed Former for Orchards.

Ridger – Reversible Disc with Bed Former – DOSC

The Erdvark Ridger / Reversible Disc with Bed Former is a multi-purpose implement that can build ridges inwards and outwards. The Bed Former can only form a bed to the inward position. The implement is ideal for building ridges at a lower cost than construction equipment. The ridges are ideal for Citrus, Avocados, Nut trees, Fruit trees and any product that needs to be planted in a higher raised bed.

The Implement has littery hundreds of different setting to make that perfect bed. Just pull a pin and use the toolbar to change the settings. See die setting in the Images gallery. The Maim beam is stronger with 4 different settings for the secondary beam. Use the toolbar to do your settings on the gangs as well for more aggressive or less aggressive setting. The Implement is capable of fetching soil at 4.5 m.

The Bed Former also has a lot of settings for ridge height and the side walls of the ridge. It leaves a neat upper part to plant the trees and lay the drip irrigation pipes.

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