Tandem Disc & Ripper – DTR

Tandem Disc & Ripper – DTR

The Erdvark Tandem Disc for Row Crops is developed to work in row crop crops. The Tandem has a special frame and hangers to run freely over the crops. The disc angles can be set between 18° -24°. The 4 gangs can be moved on the gang beam inward or outwards. The two Ripper tines can be set directly behind the tractor wheels to break the mechanical compaction from the tractor. The unit can also be used to prepare the plant beds for Rooibos Tea, vegetables and other row crop plants. The Ripper tines can be set on the row where the pants will be planted for better root development.

There are two protection plates on the inner row to protect young seedlings from sod damage. The Ripper tines has two different tines for less or more soil break up. The Ripper tines is also height adjusted.

1) The DTR Tandem disc primary use is for cultivation in row crops like Rooibos Tea, vegetables and any single row crops.
2) The Tandem disc can also be used to do planting bed preparations.
3) The DTR are fitted with two Ripper tines. The Ripper tines are used for mechanical compaction eradication. It is also ideal for planting bed ripping for better root development.
4) The DTR Tandem disc is available in a 12 and 16 disc model.
5) The working width is 1.29 m to 2.35 m on the 12 disc unit and 1.67 m to 2.75 m on the 16 disc unit.
6) The heavy mainframe has a special lower positioned welded three-point hitch that is suitable for Cat I and Cat II tractors.
7) The special higher disc hangers give the Tandem the high frame clearance to move freely over the crops.
8) All four gangs have a fixed undercarriage swivel point on the inner frame and a movable bracket on the outer to set working
angle between 18° and 24°.
9) The Tandem has a 9”(228 mm) cut and is fitted with 22”(560 mm) scalloped discs in the front and smooth units in the back.
10) The cutting width can be set on the upper hanger brackets, inwards or outwards, according to your row width.
11) The Tandem is fitted with a set of protection plates to protect young seedlings from sod damage.
12) The Erdvark bearing units require no service or lubrication. The bearings are assembled and lubricated with a special
lubricant in the factory and sealed with 32 mm HT round axle.
13) Erdvark guarantees that no dust and sand can enter the bearing unit under normal working conditions due to the Floating Duo-cone Seals fitted.
14) The Ripper tines can be set wide or narrow on the main frame. The tines can also be set shorter or longer.
15) Two types of ripper tines is available. A straight point or with 70 mm wings. Both units are protected with tungsten carbide tiles on the front.

Model No.  Discs Qty.   

Ripper Tines.


Mass kg. Mass per Disc. Working Width Min. Working Width Max. Average Tractor Required.
DTR9-12 12 2 850 70 1.29 m 2.35 m 50 – 60 kW
DTR9-16 16 2 950 60 1.67 m 2.75 m 60 – 70 kW

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