Grader Finishing Light Duty – LG

Grader Finishing Light Duty – LG

The Erdvark LG Finishing Grader model is ideal for leveling and finishing of irrigation fields with blade width between 2.4 m and 3.5 m. The LG is a Trailed type hydraulic operated Grader with a tractor requirement of 30 to 80 kW. The Erdvark LG model has road maintenance capabilities. The Finishing Grader can be supplied with Tandem Wheels for more stability. The Finishing grader can be supplied with solenoid valve to make it laser ready and a further hydraulic switch between Laser and Road Grader.

  1. The Erdvark LG Finishing Grader is a single lever hydraulic operated drawn type land plane for smaller tractors with a blade height of 650 mm.
  2. The controls are easy and the operator does not have to spend hours optimizing the performance of the Grader.
  3. The blade angle is mechanically adjustable between 90°and 74° in 4° increments.
  4. Farm road maintenance can be done with the LG Grader.
  5. The road camber can be set by the adjustment on the right hand wheel axle carrier.
  6. Removable side plates are standard equipment and cutting edges are easily replaceable.
  7. Drawbar hitch is adjustable for different tractor hitch heights to optimize operation.
  8. Erdvark manufacture Graders to suit you tractor and grading conditions.
  9. Manufactured in South Africa for African conditions.


Model No Description Working Width (m) Weight kg
LG 24   Finishing Grader 2.40 700
LG 30   Finishing Grader 3.00 900
LG 35   Finishing Grader 3.50 980

Hydraulic Valve Options:

1) Hydraulic Control Proportional Valve.

2) Hydraulic On/Off Control Valve with Restrictor Block.

Other Specifications:

a) The LG finishing grader is a trailed type for small tractors.

b) The Erdvark LG Finishing Grader is a single lever hydraulic operated drawn type with 650mm blade hight.

c) The LG Finishing Grader is ideal for levelling and finishing of irrigation fields.

d) The blade angle is mechanical and adjustable between 90° and 74° in 4° increments.

e) The Grader has road maintenance capabilities with camber adjustments on the right-hand wheel.

f) Removable side plates to make a place for cutting edges on blade.