Blade Plough for Field Clearing – BP

Blade Plough for Field Clearing – BP

Blade Plough is an ideal attachment for dozer and tractors to do field / land clearing. Vegetation, roots and stumps are pushed to the surface to be cleared by a Bush Rake into wind rows. The advantage of this operation left the land free of any big stumps and roots that can damage smaller sophisticated implements like planters in secondary operations. The Blade Plough penetrates up to 300 mm and left the field / land loose for secondary operations.

  1. Blade Plough clearing is the only clearing method that can assure stump free land if total area is fully covered by the blade plough.
  2. Available in single and double shank models.
  3. Ideal for bush clearing cut roots and lifts roots and stumps to surface.
  4. The Blade Plough is fitted with rear lifting plates that gives a lifting action of soil and also brings roots and stumps to the surface.
  5. The Blade Plough eliminates that big stumps and roots stay in topsoil that can damage implements for finishing and planting operations.
  6. For different soil types optimum performance can be adjusted on the go if dozer is equipped with tilt-ripper system.
  7. Manual blade adjustment is available as an optional extra on two shank models if ripper is not equip with tilt system.
  8. This operation loosen the top soil up to the operating depth (300 – 400 mm) of Blade Plough for land clearing, de-bushing, soil loosening and aeration, in only one pass, without turning the soil over and ready for secondary operations.

Model No

Blade Depth (mm) Blade Width (m) Shanks

Tractor Requirement

BP 2-2500 300 2.50 2 D6
BP 2-2700 300 2.70 2 D6
BP 2-3000 300 3.00 2 D7 – D8
BP 2-3500 300 3.50 2 D7 – D8
BP 2-4000 300 4.00 2 D8
BP 2-4500 300 4.50 2 D8 –D9
BP 1-2500 300 2.50 1 D6
BP 1-2700 300 2.70 1 D6
BP 1-3000 300 3.00 1 D7
BP 1-3500 300 3.50 1 D7 – D8
BP 1-4000 300 4.00 1 D8
BP 1-4500 300 4.50 1 D8 – D9