Post Driver 3-Point Hydraulic – PD

Post Driver 3-Point Hydraulic – PD

The 3-Point Erdvark Post Driver is hydraulic operated with a 230 kg hammer dolly.  The Post Driver with its hydraulic tilt action give the tower a 100% upright position against slopes. Available in a 2 m or 3 m model and can be fitted with a side shift to work left, right or behind the tractor.

1. Three point hitch and stabilizing legs, as well as tilting action in left & right, front & rear directions, to level post driver vertically on all terrains.
2. Hydraulic operated 230kg hammer dolly is always under full control of the operator who can control the hitting force to suit the conditions.
3. The hydraulic cylinder cushioning design prevents hammer damage to the cylinder.
4. Incorporated safety valve makes it possible to stop hammer at any point in downward stroke without damaging the machine.
5. Controls placed in optimum position for operator makes accurate and quick driving of post possible.
6. Suitable for any shape and size in steel or wooden posts up to 3.5 meters.
7. Steel pilot peg can be driven in and pulled out for pilot holes in hard conditions.
8. Multistage guides system allows to plant tall poles as well as removing driven peg for pilot holes and remove poles to be replaced.

MODEL              SIDE           POLE MAXIMUM      TRACTOR
NO                       SHIFT        LENGTH  m                  REQ.  kW
PDS – 2                 No                 2                                         40

PDSS – 2              Yes                 2                                         40

PDT – 3                No                  3                                         40

PDTS – 3              Yes                 3                                         40

PTO Power Pack optional extra.


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