Erdvark Ridger & Bed Former for Avocados.
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The trade name, Erdvark, existed for the last 63 years. The Marais family noticed that in areas where the Anteater (Erdvark) burrow their holes, the grain grew much better and the Marais family developed a plough that worked deeper than existing ploughs. The project was successful and that lead to the start-up of the factory in Moorreesburg. Around 1990, the factory was sold to the Rossouw brothers and was moved to Trawal with its personal.

In the beginning the factory concentrated on mouldboard ploughs but through the years the series was enlarged. Mostly disc ploughs, graders and other agricultural implements are 100% manufactured, developed and tested at the factory and then distributed through South Africa. Erdvark also exported some of its implements to Namibia, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, DRC and Mozambique.

Every year the implements are exhibited at Nampo in Bothaville where the clients have a chance to see the implements. Erdvark believe in minimum maintenance which is suitable for the African conditions. The implement has been developed so that it is reliable in African conditions, maintenance can be done easily on the farm with affordable parts that is manufactured in South Africa. Over the years Erdvark has established good relations with a dealer network throughout South Africa and neighboring states that can serve the client.

Erdvark still believes in the delivery of quality implements to the farmer to do the work on hand without spending to much time on reparations in critical times. We’ve got a wide range of implements that can be delivered in a short time to meet the clients specific demands whereas imported products offer a limited range of products available. Most of Erdvark’s implements can be adapted to prepare new land where most the competitors are no match to the task.

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