The History Of Erdvark Engineering

The Erdvark Factory was started in 1952 by Willem Marais in Moorreesburg.  During 1971 his son, Sarel Marais joined the business.  At that time, they were running 2 factories, one in Philippi (Cape Town) and the other in Moorreesburg.  The factory in Philippi mainly manufactured wear parts and bigger implements and the factory in Moorreesburg manufacture small implements.

During 1975 Willem Marais passed away and his son, Sarel, take over the business.  In 1986 Sarel sold the Philippi factory and moved the business to Moorreesburg.

During October 1990 Thian Rossouw bought Erdvark as a running business from Sarel Marias and moved the factory with all its employees to Trawal.

In the beginning, the main range of implements manufactured was mouldboard ploughs with a unique reset design and chisel ploughs.  Then the market changed to Oneway Disc implements and Erdvark followed with its own designs and then added Offset Discs. Erdvark also develops a range of popular Graders and Scrapers.

Around 2007 – 2008 modern farming starting in Africa, Erdvark followed with some unique implements for land clearing and other equipment that was robust enough to work in the hard African conditions. Erdvark stays at the forefront of development and building new implements for these conditions.

Erdvark has developed a range of rippers with a hydraulic reset system. It is very successful in heavy conditions. Erdvark received numerous requests for a more robust Chisel Plough system for the Africa conditions. The whole development took 2 years to get the the first out of the factory. The new range consist of 4 different products with one frame, coulter, hydraulic and roller system. These Chisel Ploughs and Minimum Till Rippers only differs on the shank that is assembled on the frame and hydraulics.

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