Ridger & Contour Plough – RCP

Ridger & Contour Plough – RCP

The Erdvark RCP Ridger & Contour Plough Disc implement are designed to make contours and ridges against natural land contours to prevent erosion and can also be used for lots of other farm applications like building farm roads, building ridges to plant nut and fruit trees.

a) The RCP has a pitch control with a hydraulic cylinder on each gang and is independently controlled to follow the ground contour perfectly.

b) The wheel frame has two cylinders for transport and depth control.

c) There is a top link between mainframe and drawbar to set the level of the drawbar.

d) The RCP will cut through old rodent invested ridges and will eradicate most of the problem.

e) The RCP is capable of building and rebuilding ridges in one run.

f) The RCP working speed is between 6 and 8 km/h depending on conditions.

g) Ideal to eradicate centre pivot tracks.

h) The RCP is suitable for the building of farm roads to rise above the water level.

i) The swivel hitch will be manufactured to the requirements of your tractor.

j) The RCP gangs are fitted with the Erdvark Extreme HD Bearings, Hangers and a 65 mm HT shaft.

k) Two models are available. The RCP8-32 with 8 x 32″/810 mm discs and the more aggressive RCP6-36 with 6 x 36″/910 mm discs.

 Model No.     Qty. of Discs  Disc Size  Mass per Disc              kg.   Working Depth                mm  Terrace Width  Tractor Req. kW.
  RCP8-32            8  810 mm 110 kg. 50 – 270 mm  3600 mm 180 – 250 kW.
  RCP6-36            6  910 mm 130 kg. 50 – 320 mm  3600 mm 200 – 300 kW.