Mouldboard Bed Ridger 3-Point – MR

Mouldboard Bed Ridger 3-Point – MR

The Erdvark Mouldboard Bed Ridger have a very sturdy mainframe and mouldboard hangers. The mouldboard is manufactured of replaceable parts. The tip is unique in the sense that it is a knock-on ripper point that is specially manufactured from special material and it is infused with Tungsten Carbide granules welded on with a special wire compound. The ripper point breaks the soil slightly ahead of the shears and mouldboard.
The implement is available in in various rows. The Erdvark Mouldboard Bed Ridger is suitable to make bed ridging for various single row plants.

The following features give the Erdvark Mouldboard Ridger the edge against other Bed Ridgers.

a) Sturdy mainframe with a heavy three-point linkage.
b) The row width can be set to different sizes.
c) The complete Mouldboard and shank are loose replaceable parts.
d) The ripper point is a knock-on and manufactured from special hard wearing steel with Tungsten Carbide granules infused on the wearing area.
e) The horizontal beams of each hanger can stand the heavy load of the mouldboards.
f) The Knock-on Ripper point sits slightly ahead allow the ripper point to break the soil first before it hits the mouldboard.

Specifications on Erdvark Mouldboard Ridger.

Model No    No of  Shanks.    Trench Spacing Adj.         Trench Width.    Working Depth       Tractor Req. kW.

MR2                2                                SPECIFY                        1.10M                   200 -380mm             40-50kW

MRC2             2                                                                       1.10M                   200-380mm              40-50kW

MR3                3                                WHEN                           1.10M                   200-380mm              55-80kW

MRC3             3                                                                       1.10M                   200-380mm              55-80kW

MR4                4                                YOU                               1.10M                   200-380mm             70-110kW

MRC4             4                                                                       1.10M                   200-380mm              70-110kW

MR5                5                                ORDER                          1.10M                   200-380mm              85-140kW

MRC5              5                                                                       1.10M                   200-380mm              85-140kW