Chisel Plough Heavy Duty – HSH825 & HST825

Chisel Plough Heavy Duty – HSH825 & HST825

The Erdvark HSH & HST Hydraulic Chisel Plough is a Heavy Duty tine implement developed to do minimum-till and stubble land preparations in harsh conditions. The implement is developed for toughest African conditions. The unit can work up to 500 mm deep. The hydraulic auto-reset has a 12.5 kN breakaway force.  The tine and reversible point are capable to break through the toughest plough bank, as well as breaking up years of nitrate build up on the mid clay layers.

This chisel plough is available in mounted units and trailed units. A hydraulic coulter system is also available. There is a choice of different rollers with hydraulic pressure available on the HSH chisel plough.

HSH – Hydraulic Heavy Duty Reset Chisel Plough.

a) The HSH & HST Chisel Plough is developed to break touch compaction layers and rocky soil up to 500 mm deep with minimal soil mixing.

b) Erdvark manufactured a rugged 150 x 100 mm two-row frame and it is available in 3-Point and Trailed models.

c) The 3-point hitch attachments are suitable for CAT II and CAT III tractors.

d) The under frame clearance is 825 mm with a working depth of 500 mm.

e) The tines is manufactured out of solid high strength steel and not hollow tubing.

f) The tines are fitted with hard-wearing shank protector and a reversible shear point.

g) The hydraulic shank tip break away force is 12.5kN and a jump height of 500 mm. Higher break away force is available on request.

h) The auto-reset is ideal in heavily compacted soil and rocky conditions.

i) The tine support is on self aligning bearings with long service life. Easy and cost effective maintenance.

j) Tractor requirements per tine are 20 to 30 kw depending on soil conditions.

k) The CSH tines can be set from 275 mm to 500 mm with the unique frame support system.

l) There is an optional manual depth control wheel sets available on the 3-point mounted units.

m) All trailed units are fitted with a hydraulic depth control wheel system.

n) A hydraulic under frame coulter system is available with easy depth control settings.

o) Different roller options are available: Cage Roller, Drum Roller and Double Spike Roller.

p) The bearings on the rollers are the proven Erdvark maintenance free taper roller system. We can guarantee that no dust or sand can enter the unit under normal working conditions.

q) The hydraulic down force on the rollers is adjustable up to a force of 450 kg.

r) HSH is fitted with reversible chisel point. HST is fitted with cast tip.

r) You can choose from 8 different variations to suit your soil prep operations.



Model No Tines Working Width



Working Width



Working Width



Working Width



Working Width



Working Width



Average Tractor Req. kW
HSH825-5 5 1.38 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 2.50 80 – 110
HSH825-7 7 1.93 2.10 2.45 2.80 3.15 3.50 111 – 154
HSH825-9 9 2.48 2.70 3.15 3.60 4.05 4.50 144 – 198
HSH825-11 11 3.03 3.30 3.85 4.40 4.95 5.50 176 – 242
HSH825-13 13 3.58 3.90 4.55 5.20 5.85 6.50 208 – 286
HSH825-15 15 4.13 4.50 5.25 6.00 6.75 7.50 240 – 330
HSH825-17 17 4.68 5.10 5.95 6.80 7.65 8.50 272 – 374
HSH825-19 19 5.23 5.70 6.65 7.60 8.55 9.50 304 – 418
HSH825-21 21 5.78 6.30 7.35 8.40 9.45 10.50 336 – 462