Minimum Till Ripper – MT & MTT

Minimum Till Ripper – MT & MTT

The Minimum Till Ripper is manufactured to break compaction in minimum tillage soil with minimum disturbance to the soil. The ripper is also suitable for pasture and veld grass aeration. The ripper can be fitted with a coulter and different type of rollers.

The hydraulic operated shank has a maximum penetration performance without unnecessary trip when the soil is hard or with high clay content. The breakaway force on the shank can go up to 12 kN / 1200 kg

Erdvark Minimum Till Ripper – MT

a) The MT Minimum Till Ripper is manufactured with a rugged two-row frame.

b) The MT Ripper is available in 3pt mounted and trailed unit.

c) The 3pt hitch attachments are suitable for CAT II and CAT III.

d) Each Ripper can be build-up with bolt-on accessories to give you 8 different specification implements.

e) The underframe clearance is 820mm and the working depth is 350mm to 450mm.

f) The shanks are manufactured out of high strength steel.

g) The ripper tip is manufactured out of hard-wearing steel with tungsten carbide tiles infused on the front.

h) Each shank has an auto hydraulic reset with a breakaway force of 12 kN. Auto-reset is ideal for minimum-till operations. The jump height is 400 mm.

i) The auto hydraulic reset system is fitted with 4 bearings. A bearing on either side of the cylinder and two on the shank.

j) The tractor kW requirement per tine is 20 to 30 kW depending on soil type and conditions.

k) Any tine spacings between 275 mm and 450 mm are available.

l) The 3pt mounted unit can be fitted with manual depth control wheels. The trailed unit is fitted with hydraulic depth control wheels.

m) A ripper tip with 70 mm wings is available for more soil lift.

n) A hydraulic coulter system is available to cut through heavy trash. The coulter can be set to different heights.

o) Different rollers systems are available; Cage Roller, Drum Roller or Double Spike Roller.

p) The bearings on the rollers are the proven sealed Erdvark taper roller bearing system with Duo-Cone seals.

q) The MT  Ripper is suitable for pasture and veld grass renovations. It is essential to use with the hydraulic coulter and the D-roller as a combination for this task.


Model No Tines Working Width



Working Width



Working Width



Working Width



Working Width



Average Tractor Req. kW
MT820-5 5 1.33 1.50 1.75 2.00 2.25 100 – 150
MT820-7 7 1.93 2.10 2.45 2.80 3.15 140 – 210
MT820-9 9 2.48 2.70 3.15 3.60 4.05 180 – 270
MT820-11 11 3.03 3.30 3.85 4.40 4.95 220 – 330